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Mark Cohen
10 December
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Name: Mark Anthony Cohen
Age: 25 He had a birthday while in otherways.
Relationship Status: Taken (by ace_md)
Orientation: Gay
Current Real-World Date: September, 1997 When he entered otherways, that is.


Mark grew up in Scarsdale hiding the fact that he was gay. It was a struggle he delt with all through high school, made worse by the fact that the few gay people who were known in his high school were tormented mercilessly. Although he dated some girls, he was never really that interested in them, and the one person he wanted more than anything to be with was his best friend and roommate, Roger Davis. When Roger's girlfriend April killed herself, there was a lot of chaos before her note was found, and as they didn't know to be careful of her HIV+ blood, Mark accidentally contracted HIV himself. When he tested positive, he kept it a secret for a couple years, until Roger's new girlfriend Mimi caught him taking his AZT. Mimi died three months later. Shortly after that, Mark finally got up the nerve to come out to Roger, and tell him he was in love with him. Roger's only response was to sigh and tell Mark "Don't do this to me", which dashed all of Mark's hopes for ever getting together with Roger.

It's been five months since Mimi died, and Mark has moved out of the loft because living with Roger hurts too much. He is currently staying with Maureen and Joanne, and has lost interest in his film.

Physical Description

Hair: Light brown, always messy
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6"
Build: Skinny
Other: Mark is rather pale, doesn't tan, and has gotten even skinnier than usual because he hasn't been eating lately, due to heartbreak. And, y'know. He's not the healthiest.

Otherways!Canon: 02/09/06 - Mark has been taking his meds only sporadically, but has decided not to be anti-social anymore. He's met someone named Ace.

02/11/06 - Mark is part of the V-day crack!plot and has an Aqua bracelet. He hasn't found his partner yet. He has, however, found a boyfriend - Ace (ace_md). Ace has also bought him a rather expensive new medical regimen for his HIV.

10/09/06 - As of today, Mark is a girl. And will remain so for a minimum of nine months. ^_^ Yay for procreation.


I do not own Mark Cohen or RENT - they belong to Jonathan Larson (God rest him). I do not think I am Mark Cohen. This journal is for the sole use of role playing in otherways. I make no money off of this. Please don't sue.